What You Need to Know About HVAC Systems When Buying Your First House

Posted: 2017-04-03

Buying your first home is an exciting but challenging experience, though it’s also a huge learning curve. Owning and maintaining a home requires a new level of investment, and what many first time buyers don’t realize is that a home’s HVAC system is one of the biggest sources of problems you might face.

It’s best to look carefully at any potential home's HVAC system to ensure that you won’t get stung by unforeseen repairs and costs later down the line. To put these costs into perspective, a new furnace can cost anything from $2,000 to $12,000 and a new air conditioning unit can range from $3,500 to $10,000.

What You Need to Know About HVAC Systems When Buying Your First House

First Things First

To begin with, you should do a visual inspection of all the heating and cooling units in the house. You should look out for rust, water marks or any type of decay, as well as listening for any strange knocks or noises. If you notice any of these things then it’s a sign that the HVAC systems might be too old and likely to need replacing soon.

In addition, you should find out how old the furnace and air conditioning units are. If the air conditioner is more than 10 years old and the furnace more than 15 years old, then they are likely ripe for replacement. You can also ask the owner about any previous maintenance that has taken place. Even if the units are not that old, poor maintenance will shorten their lifespan and could spell the need to replace them as soon as possible.

Check the Ducts

When you are inspecting any potential homes, you should check any visible ductwork. While you may not understand exactly what you are looking for, you should keep an eye out for rust, loose connections, condensation on the ductwork and any gaps in the connections between pipes.

The best thing to do when you’re buying your first property to ensure that you don’t get hit by large bills at a time when you can’t really afford it, is to hire a HVAC technician to inspect any potential home. They will be able to tell you about any issues and how much it would cost to fix. This will give you more bargaining power when negotiating the price of a piece of property.


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