To Improve Home Comfort and Efficiency, Discard these Heating Myths

Posted: 2017-02-02

It's no secret that the furnace is an integral part of a home’s HVAC system. It’s the distributor of all that comfortable warm air that keeps your family snug and cozy during the chilly season. It is a bit of a secret, however, that many homeowners don't know they are using their heating system incorrectly. They are therefore seeing increases in electric bills because they’re not able to maximize the potential of their heating system. Such mistakes are mostly fueled by misconceptions. Understanding these myths will help you break your bad heating habits.

Myth 1: Raising the Thermostat When It’s Cold

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to turn up the thermostat. More than 50% of homeowners do this; however, they only find the temperature too hot. Turning it up doesn’t regulate the temperature but only wastes energy and money on increasing utility bills. It can also heat up your home too much when all you need is a little warmth.

Myth 2: Turning Up the Thermostat for Faster Heating 

Some people think that turning up the thermostat will quickly heat up the rooms when they return to a chilly home. The truth, however, is that it doesn’t control the heating speed. It can only either lower or heighten the temperature. If you instantly turn up the thermostat upon arriving home in hopes of becoming warm quickly, you’ll only end up with a house that’s too hot and uncomfortable.

Myth 3: Setting Your Heat Low for Efficiency

Equating a low temperature setting to energy efficiency is a colossal mistake when it comes to your heating system. This only wastes energy because your system keeps the heater on even when no one is in the house to take advantage of it. It’s best to use a thermostat programmer to regulate the times that the heating comes on in your Cottage Grove, MN home. This way, you warm up the house at the times you’re there and avoid wasting energy when you leave.

Misconceptions such as these are preventing you from getting the most out of your heating system. Not as much as a misconception as it is neglect, ignoring signs of damages that require furnace repair in Cottage Grove, MN is also a huge mistake. Avoid any ultimate disaster by always calling on a professional to regularly check your heating system and receive expert advice about how to keep your heating system in optimal condition.


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