Refer to the Experts when Mulling HVAC Units in Your Woodbury, MN Home

Posted: 2017-06-06

Minnesota residents can truly attest to their state's history of super-humid summers. Homeowners therefore know that keeping an efficient air conditioning system in order will keep every member of the family cool and comfy, even during the hottest months of the year.

If you’re considering upgrading your unit or making repairs, refer to HVAC specialists before determining which unit to purchase. They can explain the advantageous features of each model and recommend a suitable system that works best for your home.



Better for the Environment


Air conditioning in Cottage Grove, MN and nearby cities used to run on R22 refrigerant, which has since been found to emit an ozone-depleting substance. Research also discovered that this chemical led to respiratory problems. Consequently, regulating agencies banned R22 refrigerants. Today's AC models require a safer and more eco-friendly R410 refrigerant for households and other dwellings.

The energy efficiency rating (EER) also deserves consideration when seeking a good-quality AC unit. EnergyStar issues standards for AC manufacturers to follow, which encourages the manufacture of units with relatively high EER ratings. A high EER mark means lower electric bills for the owner of such a unit and the peace of mind that a hot Minnesota summer will not cut into summer fun budgets. In addition, to help homeowners further cut down on energy costs, some AC units are designed for compatibility with solar-powered homes.


Other Features to Consider


Before installing HVAC in Woodbury, MN homes and surrounding areas, service specialists first assess the size of your house and the rooms that need to be cooled. Depending on the homeowner’s needs, they can recommend an appropriate model that is easy to operate and maintain—one that will last for many years.

Some AC models feature remote-control operation, allowing users to change the settings from virtually any part of the room. For families who don’t want their air conditioning to be running through the night, they can set a sleep timer to shut the unit off. Likewise, they can set a timer for the AC so that the house can be cooler by the time the family returns home after a day away in the sun.

To learn about other aspects worth your consideration when purchasing an air conditioning system for your home, consult with service specialists.



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